We are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Conference “Biomass for Energy 2017”, which will take place on 19-20 September 2017 in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Bioenergy in Ukraine has been stably growing. In 2015, biofuels contributed to the structure of RES with the largest share of 81.3%. The contribution of biofuels to the final energy consumption was 3.6% and their share in the total primary energy supply was 2.3%.

According to the “Biofuels & waste production” indicator, the natural gas substitution by biofuels was 3.26 billion m3 per year, and the average growth rate was 38% per year over the period of 2010-2015. According to the “Total primary energy supply from biofuels & waste” indicator, the natural gas substitution by biofuels was 2.63 billion m3 per year, and the average growth rate was 26% per year over the period of 2010-2015.

The payback period of typical projects for the natural gas substitution in private households and industry by using firewood, wood chips, wood pellets, and sunflower husk is 2-4 years.

On 11 April 2017 the President of Ukraine signed Law №1959-VIII from 21.03.2016 «On amendments to Law of Ukraine “On Heat Supply” on stimulation of heat energy production from alternative energy sources”. According to this Law tariffs for heat produced from alternative energy sources financed from the state or local budgets and for district heating shall be at the level of 90% of tariff established for the supplier of heat produced from natural gas or at the level of 90% of average tariff for the respective category of consumers. We expect the positive impact of this Law already in the next heating season of 2017-2018.

Since 2017 discussions and work on simplifying business access to biomass resources, establishing the domestic market of biomass and biofuels, including a Biofuel Exchange, have begun.

These and some other issues of bioenergy sector will be discussed at the Conference, which since 2002 has annually brought together about 200 national and foreign experts and has been the main annual event in the field of bioenergy in Ukraine.

Conference Chairman
Georgii Geletukha

To participate in Conference please fill in Registration Form. You can participate in the Conference as a speaker on the following topics:

1. Biomass resources: Production, pretreatment, supply and logistics of feedstock from conventional agriculture, forestry, processing industry. Research on energy crops.

2. Research and development of bioenergy technologies: Combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, extraction and utilisation of landfill gas, co-combustion of biomass with traditional fuels. Production of liquid biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol).

3. Demonstration and market implementation of biomass-to-energy technologies.

4. Strategy and policy issues. Sustainability criteria and certification issues.

5. Economic, environmental and socio-economic issues of bioenergy technologies.

Requirements for Abstracts:

  • Тhe abstract should include: Applicable subject number (1 to 5 above);
  • Full title; Full name and address of one author for all correspondence;
  • For each author and co-authors, full name, affiliation, address, phone/fax/e-mail;
  • Purpose of the work; Approach;
  • Scientific innovation and relevance; Result;
  • Conclusions.

Abstracts and presentations should be sent to e-mail:

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 1 August 2017

The Proceedings of the Conference in English and Ukrainian/Russian and presentation materials will be provided to all the participants after the Conference.

Organizing committee:

Тel/fax: +38 (044) 453-28-56; +38 (044)  456-94-62

General issues:

Scientific Secretary:

Tetiana Zheliezna,
Senior researcher of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,
NASU, Head of Department, SEC "Biomass"

Sponsorship and Media-partnership issues:

Oleksandra Tryboi
PR-manager, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine


Gold sponsorship

Silver sponsors:

Catering sponsorship


World Bioenergy Association
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kiev, Ukraine
European Bioenergy Association


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First Call for Papers


8:30 – 9:30
Registration for the conference
9:30 – 10:00
The opening ceremony of the conference
10:00 – 11:00
Plenary session
11:00 – 11:30
Coffee break
11:30 – 13:00
Panel discussion
13:00 – 14:15
14:15 – 16:00
Section "Strategy and policy issues"
16:00 – 16:30
Coffee break
16:30 – 18:15
Section "Electricity generation and heat production from solid biomass"
18:15 – 20:00
Reception for the conference participants
8:30 – 9:30
Plenary session
10:30 – 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 – 13:00
Section "Biomass resources and pre-treatment"
13:00 – 14:15
14:15 – 16:00
Section "Biogas production and use"
16:00 – 16:30
Coffee break
16:30 – 17:45
Section "Electricity generation and heat production from solid biomass"
17:45 – 18:00
Closing ceremony


Georgiy Geletukha

Chairman of the Board of UABio,
Head of Department of Institute
of Engineering Thermophysics, NASU,
Director of SEC "BIOMASS"

Oleksandr Dombrovskyi

Member of Parliament of Ukraine

Sergiy Savchuk

Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine

Remigijus Lapinskas

President of World Bioenergy Association,

Kees Kwant

Senior Expert Bioenergy and Biobased economy, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands


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Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Address: Kyiv, Volodymyrska street 55.



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